The combination Train + Boat.

A lot of associations of volunteers show heritage railway stuff which has been restored and allows to travel like in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century.

But very few can offer to travel with the two most used modes of transport in the 19th century: the train and the boat.

The CFTR belongs to these touristic railways...

In addition to that, our association has an european vocation because of its geographic position: german and french visitors can travel with our train and with the boats of our partner the Breisacher Schifffahrtsgesellschaft..

The "Weinland Baden", one of the boats of the BFS company, in front of the minster of Breisach, Germany.

Un des bateaux de la BFS, devant la collégiale Saint-Stéphane

On the french side, the trip begins with the visit of the Volgelsheim train station which was build completely in sandstone by the Prussians and fully restored with the help of the city hall of Volgelsheim.

Permanent exhibitions help the tourists to discover the atmosphere of the former railway travel before they board the steam train. Furthermore, ticket office and luggage room have been restored.

A mail car is opened to the public to visit temporary exhibitions.

The Volgelsheim train station with its typical prussion style of the time 1871-1918.

The train consist of one of our both 030TB and a different number of so called "Donnerbuchsen", which are austrian rail cars of the 1920's with platforms at their both ends.

The train leaves the station only once per circulation day: departure is at 3 p.m..

After 15 minutes, the train stops at the repair shop of the association and the public can visit the collection of the preserved locomotives. This lasts approximately 10 to 15 minutes but the visitor has time to discover it by itself because the train leaves the depot only after 20 minutes.

The repair shop near the rhine river harbour.

Once the visit has gone, the visitor boards again the train which goes to the north, to the landing of Sans-Soucis. During this trip of 20 minutes, it will be possible to discover the Ried, a very particular landscape of the Rhine river which has been preserved in the last years after having been in danger..

Somewhere between the depot and the landing of Sans-Soucis....

En ligne...

During the circulation, the volunteer will answer the questions of the public and for the most thirsty they will sell beverages in a lounge car in the middle of the train.

To bether take in the real atmosphere of the steamlocomotives, the visitor can travel all the time on the open platforms, the best way to  test the famous cinders!

At the landing of Sans-Soucis, the visitors leave the train and board the boat of our german partner: the Breisacher Schifffahrtsgesellschaft. The german visitors leave the boat and board our train. For us, it is really a Franco-German exchange project!

Here at the landingm of Sans-Soucis, french and german tourists leave the train respectively the boat and board the boat resp. the train.

Un des bâteaux de la BFS, à l'embarcadère de Sans-Soucis

The cruise lasts one hour and a quarter and allows the visitors to admire the wonderful gothic minster Sankt-Stephan from the german town Breisach which was built in the 13th century.

For people interessed by the technic, the boat makes a tour on the rhine harbour and the tourists can observe the hydroelectric dam of Vogelgrün.

Sundowner on the Rhine River, close to Vogelgrün....

Once the cruise is finished, the visitor leaves the boat at a second landing, not far from the rhine harbour of Colmar. This landing is located some hundred meters from our shop, where the train is waiting for him.

Finally, the train needs 15min to travel back to the train station of Volgelsheim.

The landing at the rhine harbour of Colmar has been sponsored by different public players (Voies Navigables de France, the rhine port, the general council, the region Alsace, the SIVOM Hardt-Nord, the city of Volgelsheim and the CFTR) and allows to link the boat to the train at the repair shop.


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