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Short introduction

Your wife / mother-in-law / girlfriend / mother are despaired because you spend all your sunday afternoons watching old locomotives and cars in museums, stations or showcases? You like watching a CC72000 (biggest diesel locomotive in France) starting a long freight train in Lorraine? You spent your time looking on the web for the picture of a Köf? or the electric transmission of a Y6200 has no more secrets for you? There is no possible doubt: you are a real railfan, the category of person no one can understand (with exception of other railfans) If you had to choose between a Fulgurex and your parents, that would be the first one!! This website is for you!

But I have no possibility to satisfy everyone here. What rail fans are interested in is very diverse. Time and place are limited here and this website is only the one of an association which tries to survive in a context of economic uncertainty with few really dedicated members. We can't do anything and the railfan will find here only a short presentation of our collection, which is not so bad at all!

Good reading!

The Webmaster

Aerial View of the depot, where our most beautiful steamlocomotives are parked.


Here you will find the history of our association since its establishment and a short description of every locomotive and waggon which belongs to our collection. The short line on which we operate will also be presented.

Historique de l'Association