"Yes, I want to be volunteer too! Can I help you?"

To keep steam and diesel locomotives runing during summer time, transport 250 persons who are more and more exigent, discuss with partners (Harbour, Municipality, etc...), organize events, and last but not least, preserve good old locomotives, this is a big business.

All volunteers are welcome, especially those who:

- take initiatives

- are serious in their commitment and professional in their work

- bring a special competence if possible

- come for the fun, are able to learn and have a big motivation for heritage

- can spread high spirits and help solving problems!

And all this... for free! But also for the personal satisfaction to participate to an extraordinary project, to preserve some part of the alsatian industrial heritage and to show our contemporaries what was the condition of our ancestors!

Of course, the choice to be volunteer is very personal, but there will be place for everyone here, just contact us:


Thank you very much!

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