The Chemin de Fer Touristique du Rhin or Ried Express.

Both 030TB ex-EL when they were in use during a double unit at the raft of Sans-Soucis.

Our association has been registered in 1982 using local law from Alsace-Mosel which is an heritage of the german empire between 1871 and 1918. Active members are in the number of 10 to 15 and total number of volunteers is 20.

The first goal of the association is the restoration of a regional heritage of priceless historical value: the last and only preserved 2 steam locomotives of the former Imperial Railway in Alsace-Lorraine which was in charge of the railway operation between 1871 and 1918.  To be honnest and complete, another touristic railway in Luxembourg owns a similar locomotive: the railway of  Fond de Gras.

The association of course owns or disposes of other traction units: 3 steam locomotives and 10 diesel locomotives in running order. 2 further steam locomotives and 6 diesel are in restoration.

From our biggest locomotive which is an american Diesel Road Switcher from the Baldwin Locomotive Works (here at Volgelsheim Station)...

 our smallest steam locomotive made in Belgium
 by Cockerill...

The collection of our rolling stock includes austrian and swiss wagons, luggage cars from the end of the 19th century and a mail cart from the national railway company in France (SNCF).

The restoration works and the traffic arrangements are strictly and only realized by our volunteers during the week end and public holliday. The passion for railway is the only motivation for them to allow the public to discover what it meant to travel by train in the 20th century.

The most of the locomotives are authorized to haul trains on the tracks of the Rhine Harbour of Colmar. Our journey leads from the railway station of Volgelsheim to the raft of "Sans-Soucis", approximately 10km in the north of Volgelsheim, along the Rhine river.

Every person who desires to dedicate some of her free time is welcome!

The number of locomotives and their state allow the association to offer combined circulations train + boat on the Rhine River in partnership with the german boatman company BFS in Breisach.

The CFTR works closely with its partners the Rhine Harbour of Colmar, the city of Volgelsheim, the BFS , the public player VNF and the french railway company the SNCF.

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The season 2024 begins on may the 12th. We hope to see you there!

Le combiné train + bateau