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Between Vosges and Black Forest

Our Facebook page .

Tourism office of the "Pays de Brisach" (good to help you to plan your trip in the region).

Our partner number one: the Port Rhénan de Colmar.

The initiative to establish perhaps the connection between Colmar and Freiburg by rail.

Brisach What to do in Neuf-Brisach.

Tourism office of Colmar.

 Aqua-découverte is a boatman working from the harbour of Colmar first on the "Lauch" then on the canal of Colmar to Artzenheim, not far from our association.

A  website with wonderful pictures of our region.


Alsace and the railways, from the South to the North

musée du chemin de fer de Mulhouse The french Railway Museum, now called the city of the rail. Something very disturbing: no railway vehicle of historical interest and alsatian production is shown there because of their germanic/prussion nature...

The ecomuseum of Ungersheim shows how als people were living in Alsace in the past.

Our friends from the TTDA (Train Thur Doller Alsace).

For narrow gauge 7 1/4 fans (184mm), there is a short net (700m) from the association  "Le Tortillard" in Plaine, in the Vosges.

Small is beautiful! In Molsheim the railfan can find a model railway in 1:20 scale which purpose is to remember to the line Molsheim-Saverne.

A wonderfull collection of small steam locomotives in different scales in Obermodern-Zutzendorf (North of Elsass). The region there is just beautiful and after this attraction, one can only recommend to visit it, it's a must!

A very nice former touristic railway (nostalgia!) but some crazy people try at the moment (2015) to relive this line: Ottrott-Rosheim.

 The wonderful forest railway "Chemin de Fer Touristique d'Abreschviller".

 A website from an enthusiast of both the region Alsace and the railway!

 The website of a study circle of the railway in Alsace-Lorraine.

 The website of a well-known alsatian railfan Jean Buchmann.

 A german website with a very complete documents about the period 1871-1918.

 Souffel'modélisme. This association is situated in the North of Strasbourg and organizes exhibitions of model train.

The following site shows the map of touristic and heritage railway in the north-east of France.

The german heritage railways near to us

There are quite a lot of initiatives on the german side, only few kilometers of our association. If you plan to come to Alsace, think about them: there are absolutely not far from us!

 The website shows the heritage railways in the black forest.

 Our colleagues from the Kandertalbahn, only 50 kilometers from uns in the South East

UEF The Rebenbummler (vine train) is based in Riegel, just on the other side of the Rhine river, 33km from Volgelsheim in the North-East.

UEF The Sauschwänzlebahn (pig-tailed train) is situated in the East of Volgelsheim but on the East side of the Black Forest. The railway station where to board is in Blumberg, not far from the border to Switzerland.

UEF The UEF (Friend of Railway from Ulm) runs train on the Albtalbahn between Bad Herrenalb and Ettlingen, a suburb in the South of Karlsruhe and on the Murgtalbahn, between Karlsruhe, Rastatt and Baiersbronn, not far from Freudenstadt, a very well-known city in the Black Forest.

UEF The Achertäler Eisenbahnverein was a heritage railway running touristic trains between Ottenhöfen (50km in the east of Strasbourg) and Achern (25km from Strasbourg) in the valley of the Acher. In 2014, the association had to stop her activities because it didn't own its depot and workshop. The operation will perhaps restart in the valley of Harmersbach with the support of the cities of Biberach, Nordrach, Zell and Oberharmersbach.

UEF The heritage railway of the 3 lakes ("3Seen Bahn im Hochschwarzwald") that's to say the lake of Titisee, Windgfällweiher andt Schluchsee operates on a line which is really romantic. Its operates Kriegslok from the series 86 and 52. A wonderful and impressive spectacle!

UEF This private collection of Bernd Falz in Hermeskeil is just oversized: a BR44, dozen of 50 et 52, some Köf... Who says you have to be reasonnable?

UEF Another cemetery of steam locomotives in Tuttlingen, on the east side of the Black Forest, 120km east of Volgelsheim.

Die Webseite des Ferienbahnhofs Frickingen A little bit more in the south the visitor can find the first railway station which has been converted in an hotel, at a distance of 10km from the "Bodensee". An interesting alternative for the whole familiy to a classical hotel!

 Who wants to know everything about the german locomotive builder has only to consider this website, written by an academic. A real gold mine for the railway enthusiast!

Eisenbahn Museumsfahrzeuge A very complete database from the preserved railway vehicles accross Germany and Europe.

VDT  The VDMT (Verein Deutscher Museums- und Touristikbahnen) is the umbrella organization of the heritage railways in Germany.

Site officiel de la FACS-UNECTO An interesting initiative of the VDMT: to show all heritage railway events by date to simplify the planing of  travel and trips!

The american railroad

Pictures and landscapes

Amazing photos! One will find pictures of european people in the 19th century who fled their countries because of poverty or persecution and build the United States, beginning in a wooden hut...

 A very complete database with pictures, very useful for the model train fan.


IRM  The Illinois Railway Museum is the biggest museum in the USA. The collection of locomotive is just amazing! Another website shows pictures of it.

Networks and companies

 One of the most famous, the Union Pacific.

 A portal site to the Northern Pacific.

Locomotive builders

Only two are left:

EMD (Electro-Motive-Division), a part of General Motors which has been sold to an investor.

Site officiel du département ferroviaire de GEGeneral Electric, which begun in the 60s to sell diesel locomotives, killed Alco and let EMD suffer.

For the Baldwin railfan...

Portal site, bookstores

Train net A remarkable on-line bookstore

A lot of useful infos on the site of the fallen flags (dwindled railroads)

Other interesting links

Bibliothèque d'images ferroviaires européennes A database of european railways pictures from Jean-Paul Lescat

Faller And who is reproducing the railway station of Volgelsheim in HO? The well known company Faller which has still its manufacturing base in the Black Forst, only 70km from our depot! The world is very small...

Site très complet sur le freinage ferroviaire Interested in how brakes work in the railway world? This site has been done by an engineer working in this area. No better informaion source about this topic on the web!

Concerned by cross-border questions? This site is for you.

 The website of the entrepreneurs of Alsace and Baden.

  L'Union Internationale des Alsaciens  The "Union Internationale des Alsaciens" is an association of alsatian expatriates which purpose is to promote the region in the rest of the world.

NEL-Verlag A free and independant publisher (Karl Goschescheck), who tells the alsacian people through regional literature where they have their true roots!

Alsace-Passion A good listing of the touristic attractions in Alsace.

Editions Calleva A new book publisher in Barr.

Liederbrunne The alsatian singers let revive the rich musical culture between Rhine and Vosges.

Our sponsors

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Wrigley Our neighbor the company Wrigley

The cooperative of the Winemakers of Eguisheim Wolfberger Eguisheim.

"Abédis, la vinothèque": oenologists in Volgelsheim, Orbey, Colmar, Hegenheim and Ste Marie aux Mines.

Our bank...

A very well known french foundation for preservation of alsatian and french heritage. Here the donor can define for which project he wants to make a gift!

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