The 020 Fives-Lille

La 030 au dépot en attente de partir

The 020 Fives-Lille at our depot in 20088.

Technical data:

Builder: Compagnie de Fives-Lille
Type: -
Date of production: 1923
Builder S/N: 4353
Nominal boiler pressure [bar]: 12
Firebox surface [m2]: ?
Heating surface [m2]: ?
Overheating surface [m2]: -
Expansion: single
Number of cylinder [-]: 2
Max. power output [kW]: 220
Max. starting effort [kN]: ?
Max. safe speed [km/h]: ?
Max. weight [t]: 22,2
Length over buffers [m]: 8,02

General view:


Builder plate:



This short tank locomotive with 2 powered axles, single expansion and without overheating has been built in 1924 and played an important role at the beginning of the history of the CFTR. As our 030TB130 was not finished, it had the privilege to run the inauguration train on the 9th of July 1983 and war then used on a regular base.

The Lokomotive is not allowed to run faster than 30km/h, its weight is 18 long tonnes without water and coal. The supply is 500kg coal and 2000l water.

As the current trains are a bit longer and its power quite limited (300HP), it is not so much in use like it was the case in the past. And the association wish is to preserve it from wear.

Life of the machin before 1982:

Quite few is known about the history of this machines. Everyone who should have some facts and figures is invited to share them with us!

Life at CFTR:

Last owner before salvage: ?
Decommissioning: ?
Acquisition by the CFTR: 1982
Current owner: Private
Restauration: ?
Use at the CFTR: Irregular use
Decommissionning by the CFTR: -

Pictures (CFTR):


inauguration Fives

The Fives-Lille pullint the inauguration train, July 1983


A quite rare view of the machine in the "Eco-Musée" of Ungersheim.

Fives restauration

Restauration in 2005.

020T Henschel en Gare

The Fives-Lille and the Henschel at railroad station Volgelsheim. (Picture André Lacher)


Furthe information: 


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