The machines in repair

The work to realize on the locomotives that are meant to be operated is quite different than the work on static machines. The corrosion impacts them not in the same way. The parts that have to be changed are the rather the wearing parts (brake shoes, bearing,  roller bearing, segments, filters, seals...)

Major works of sheet metal works, reinforcement of parts, windows, painting are done once for all at the beginning, when the locomotive arrives to the association. But these works never stops, especially on machines exposed to weathering.

In this part, you can discover the locomotives which are at the moment not operated because they have to be general overhauled or restored.

A very interesting acquisition made in 2014 from the Cercle d'Études Ferroviaires Nord is this locomotive with 600HP, equiped with 3 axles powered through side rods. The prime mover is a MGO engine, the power transmission is hydraulic, from the VOITH Company and the OEM is the SACM in Mulhouse. Very few SACM machines have been preserved so the CFTR can be proud to host one of them in its own region.

  The second Cockerill which is preserved by the association has also been acquired by a volunteer at the CEF Nord in 2014. This one is a bit brighter and heavier than the precedent (Type 4 instead of type 3). About everything has to be restored, a lot of work...

A very interesting piece of America acquired by the webmaster in 2014 and equiped with 2 Baudouin Engines develpping 250HP each: a General Electric 70tons.

The 020 Decauville is a machine which is hosted at the depot since more than 20 years. The boiler is damaged and preservation as an historic monument (like the 030TB) could be theoretically requested but in practice, it has never been done...

All these machines are not yet operable but the volunteers are working hard on them! The best way to make sure the work is progressing is to come to us and to establish it by yourself!

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