The Deutz

Le Deutz au dépot du CFTR

The Deutz at the depot in 2005. (Picture Sébastien Kieffer)

General characteristics of the switcher:

Builder: Klöckner - Humboldt - Deutz
Model/Type: N°constructeur: 56946
Date of delivery: 1959
Road numbers: N°159
Diesel power [kW]: 95 à 1800t/min
Locomotive power [kW]: ?
Maximum starting tractive effort [kN]: ?
Maximum safe speed [km/h]: 34
Weight in working order [t]: 20
Total length [m]: 6,5
On-board voltage [V]: 24

General view:


Builder plate:


Short presentation:

The Deutz is a german switcher equiped with a diesel engine Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG type A8L 614. It is a 4 cycle, naturally aspirated air cooled V8 engine. The stroke is 140mm, the bore 110mm. Total displacement is 8,4L. The compression ratio is 19 and the fuel system consist of a unique Bosch injection pump and Bosch injectors. Starter motor is electric (Bosch).

Like it is the case for nearly 100% of the german diesel locomotives, the power transfer is hydraulic. The torque converter is a L33U from the Voith Company and from it to the axles, chains are used.

Total (and adhesive) mass is only 20 tonnes. The maximum safe speed is 34km/h, which is perfect for the short line used by the CFTR. Its restauration was very short: it consisted of painting and modification of the brake system.

Life at CFTR::

Last owner before salvage: Kandertalbahn
Retirement date: -
Acquisition date: 2004
Current owner: CFTR
Restauration: 2005
Use at the CFTR: Interne
Retirement by the CFTR: -

This sympathic switcher has been acquired in 2004 and helps more and more for the operation. The fleet of locomotives is aging and the need for a machine which would be allowed to run on the line was more and more dire. The V22 is intensively used, the Baldwin is not run by every member, the maximum speed of the Decauville is limited. In 2015 because of the failure of a bearing on the V22, it has been intensively used, especially to pull the train to the station. This utiilization exceeded a bit its capacities.

The touristic railway of the Kandertalbahn (surname: Kanderli) which is one of the 8 touristic railays in the Black Forest region works on a regular base with the CFTR for example in offering ccombined circulations.

After having saved this switcher in 2001, the officials tried to sell it (and a waggon) since 2004. The management of the CFTR was interested in the switcher but the Kanderli was only ready to sell it with the waggon. The management has found an utility for it: this waggon is now a workshop and houses spare parts.

The mechanical part was almost like new, even when the engine hasn't been started many years. The body must be completely stripped and repainted which was done in 2005.

Picture at the CFTR: 

The Deutz has been repainted in 2005. (Picture Sébastien Kieffer)

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