The 020T Cockerill Type 3

The Type 3 Cockerill in 2013
As our association organized a party for its 30th anniversary the Cockerill went out! (Picture Sébastien Kieffer, 2013)

Technical Data:

Builder: Cockerill, Seraing, Belgium
Type: Type 3
Date of production: 1913
Builder S/N: Nr. 2850
Nominal boiler pressure [bar]: 13
Grate area [m2]: 0,78
Heating area [m2]: ?
Overheating area [m2]: -
Expansion: single
Number of cylinder [-]: 2
Power output [kW]: 81
Max. starting tractive effort [kN]: ?
Max. speed [km/h]: ?
Total weight [t]: 14
Length over buffers [m]: 4,57



Builder plate:


Short description:

The tank locomotive from type 3 (020) has been built in 1913 from belgium builder Cockerill. It was equiped with a outer firebox from short size so that it can be ready for operation in a very short period of time (ca.30 minutes). Its wheels with short diameter permit an acceptable starting tractive effort and consequently accelerations. However the boiler is quite shortly designed so that after some minutes driver full load a break is needed to enable production of steam!

Before it has been bought by a founding member, it belonged to the company Chiers-Châtillon-Gorcy in Charleville und before that to the steel mill in La Plaine, not far from Paris. Boiler was replaced in 1950.

Life at CFTR:

Last known owner before salvage: Chiers-Châtillon-Gorcy, La Plaine
Decommissioning: 1982
Acquisition from the CFTR: 1982
Current owner: Private
Restauration: 1982
Use at CFTR: Irregular
Decommissioning from CFTR: -

The Cockerill Type 3 has no special use at the CFTR. It is started only on occasion, to the biggest pleasure for the kids!

Pictures (CFTR):



Hidden at the end of our depot in 1997. (Picture Sébastien Kieffer)


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