The Saviem-Latil

Le Saviem en parade (2014)

The Saviem during the parade in 2013 when the association celebrated the 30 years of de l'associaton. (Picture Sébastien Kieffer)

General characteristics of the switcher:

Builder: Saviem
Model/Type: Latil
Date of delivery: 1955
Road numbers: N°23
Diesel power [kW]: 60
Locomotive power [kW]: ?
Maximum starting tractive effort [kN]: ?
Maximum safe speed [km/h]: 28
Weight in working order [t]: 4,2
Total length [m]: 5,3

General view:


Builder plate:


Short presentation:

With the switcher Breuer, the Saviem-Latil is a switcher that touristic railways never buy. And when they do it, then it is to use them as static machines. The brand Saviem was by far more notorious for their buses. This switcher uses some technical solutions from them: for example it uses tires which confer it a high tractive effort despite a very moderate total weight. Its engine Fulgor with 4 cylinders and 63kW allows a quite comfortable use.

Life at CFTR:

Last owner before salvage: Comptoir Agricole Hochfelden
Retirement date: ?
Acquisition date: 2010
Current owner: CFTR
Restauration: 2010
Use at the CFTR: Interne
Retirement by the CFTR: -

Nowadays this switcher has no defined use but it can replace the Y2402 at Sans-soucis.

Pictures (CFTR):



Before restauration... A lot of work to do!

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