The 020T Cockerill type 4

La Cockerill au CEF Nord
The "new" Cockerill when it was moved from the "Cercle d'études ferroviaires Nord". (Picture Sébastien Kieffer, october 2014)

General characteristics of the locomotive:

Builder: Cockerill, Seraing, Belgique
Model/Type: Type 4 R (Reinforced)
Date of delivery: 1921
Road numbers: N°2983
Steam pressure [bar]: 12
Heating surface (firebox)  [m2]: 1
Heating surface (tubes) [m2]: 25,5
Heating surface (superheater) [m2]: -
Kind: single expansion
Number of cylinders [-]: 2
Locomotive power [kW]: 88
Maximum starting tractive effort [kN]: ?
Maximum safe speed [km/h]: 30
Weight in working order [t]: 20
Total length [m]: 4,9

General view:


Builder plate:


Short presentation:

This 020 Cockerill of type 4 has been built by the Cockerill compagny in 1913. Its design is very similar to the one of the  type 3,  only some dimensions are greater, among other the length.

Its current owner was so inspired by its little sister that he absolutely wanted to save the one found at the "Cercle d'Études Ferroviaires Nord" in Denain, near Valenciennes.

Life at CFTR:

Last owner before salvage: CEF Nord
Retirement date: 1982
Acquisition date: 2014
Current owner: Private
Restauration: 2014-2018
Use at the CFTR: only on demand, no regular use
Retirement by the CFTR: -


Pictures (CFTR):


Au revoir le CEF Nord

Bye bye to the "Cercle d'Études Ferroviaires Nord"! (Pictures Sébastien Kieffer, october 2014)

Cockerill au CEF Nord

During the unloading at the Rhine Harbor with its owner. (Picture Sébastien Kieffer, october 2014)

Cockerill en réfection au CFTR

Night work at the depot. (Picture Ludovic Wirth, december 2014)

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