Le Yaya en 2009

The SACM at the "Cercle d'Études Ferroviaire du Nord" in october 2014. (Picture Sébastien Kieffer)

General characteristics of the locomotive:

Builder: SACM, Mulhouse
Model/Type: ?
Date of delivery: 1956
Road numbers: 282
Diesel power [kW]: 416
Locomotive power [kW]: 380
Maximum starting tractive effort [kN]: 205
Maximum safe speed [km/h]: 40
Weight in working order [t]: 56
Total length [m]: 8,4
On board voltage [V]: 24

General view:


Builder plate:


Short presentation:

on going!

Life at CFTR:

Last owner before salvage: CEF Nord
Retirement date: 1984
Acquisition date: 2014
Current owner: CFTR
Restauration: 2014-2017
Use at the CFTR: Run the train from depot to the station and switching at Sans-Soucis
Retirement by the CFTR: -

This locomotive, a very rare one produced by the SACM and equiped with an MGO V12 diesel engine also coming from the SACM will need a lot of restauration work. The replacement of its original engine has already been realized. It is the NA version of the turbocharged engine of the well known BB63500.

But the young offenders operating in the area where the locomotive was parked have caused considerable damages in it for so  little money. The quantity of work is very important here.

Pictures of the move:



Not less then 2 cranes were necessary to translate the locomotive on a special convoy! October 2014, Denain. (Picture Sébastien Kieffer)

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