The Moyse

Le DMC au dépot du CFTR (2016)

Our Moyse in our depot in 2016, after its arrival. (Picture: Sébastien Kieffer)

General technical data:

Builder: Gaston Moyse
Type: BN 40E 240 Cum
Date of production: 1977
Model: N°1419
Prime Mover power [kW]: 176 @ 2000 rpm
Power of e-motor [kW]: 145
Max. starting tractive effort [kN]: 147
Max. safe speed [km/h]: 20
Total weight [t]: 40
Overall length [m]: 7,28
On-Board voltage [V]: 24




Builder plate:


Short description:

This switcher hae been built near Paris in "La Courneuve"  in 1977 and friendly spent by the chamber of industry and commerce from Belfort, south of the CFTR, in 2016.

Its high weight of 40 long tons allows a strong starting tractive effort and consequently switching with this machine is really easy. Even if the max. safe speed is low, providing assistance to a steam locomotive which would have a problem on the road would not be so problematic as pulling our train would also be quite an easy task.

Life at CFTR:

Last known owner before salvage: CCI Belfort
Decommissioning: 2015
Acquisition date by the CFTR: 2016
Current owner: CFTR
Restoration: -
Use at the CFTR: Internal
Decommissioning by the CFTR: -

Currently this locomotive is only used for internal work at our depot and never reachs the railroad station of Volgelsheim. 

Pictures (CFTR):



Further technical information: 

As it is very often the case with Moyse, the powertrain is of serial-electrical type. The Cummins Prime Mover drives a DC generator. In this case, there is only one e-Motor, which drives the 2 powered axles through chains.


The cab is very extensive and comprehensive. The locomotive is really easy to use. Acceleration is reached only by increasing the prime mover speed so that the DC generator delivers a higher voltage or a stronger current if the load doesn't allow a fast acceleration. 

This DC generator has been delivered by a company named "Bréguet. Its type is "BNE" and its max. power output is 167kW. The nominal DC voltage is 630V, the max. current is 265A.

The difference between the max. prime mover output and the DC generator (10kW) is used for the 2 Moyse compressors. These are from the Type "C5" and are so-called compound compressors.

The e-Motor was delivered by Moyse itself and its power output is max. 145kW (1 hour operation). Voltage: 450V. Current: 325A.

The technical data of the prime mover are the following:


Cummins 8C8.3


4 stroke, turbocharged

Number of cylinders:

6 in a row


114 mm


135 mm


8,3 Liter

Max. power output::

176kW @ 2000rpm


In-line injection pump, Bosch 

Idling speed:

? rpm

Spec. fuel consumption:

? gr/(KW.h)

Cranking of the motor is realized through a uniquestarter from the french producer Paris-Rhône. This one has a max. power output of 9kW under 24V DC.

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