The Kö

Le Kö au dépot du CFTR

The Kö at the depot in 2005. (Picture Sébastien Kieffer)

General characteristics of the switcher:

Builder: Jung
Model/Type: 310
Date of delivery: 1935
Road numbers: 310 700-0
Diesel power [kW]: 81 puis 59
Locomotive power [kW]: ?
Maximum starting tractive effort [kN]: ?
Maximum safe speed [km/h]: Short reduction: 16, long:: 22
Weight in working order [t]: 20
Total length [m]: ?
On-board voltage [V]: 24

General view:


Builders plate:


Short presentation:

This switcher is very common either in West or in East Germany.

There are two different designation for it depending on the power transmission type (Kö or Köf). The f in "köf" means "Flüssigkeitsgetriebe", that's to say hydraulic transmission from the company VOITH. In the other case, it is a mechanical transmission.

Like other small switchers, the power is transmitted to the axles with chains. 

Life at the CFTR:

Last owner before salvage: ?
Retirement date: ?
Acquisition date: 1993
Current owner: private
Restauration: 1993
Use at the CFTR: Switching at Sans-soucis (very seldom)
Retirement by the CFTR: -

Pictures (CFTR): 

The Kö is used only once a year. Here at the depot after repainting in 1998. (Picture Sébastien Kieffer)

Because of shortage of space, the Kö had to stay outdoors. Only after 2014 when our workshop was extended it was possible to house it. (Picture: Sébastien Kieffer)

External links:

The german website deutsche-kleinloks gives further information about this nice machine. (in german)

Further technical information: 

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