The 020 Henschel

The 020 at our depot

The 020 Henschel in our depot in april 2005 (Picture: Sébastien Kieffer)

Technical data:

Builder: Henschel & Sohn, Kassel
Model type: Zolern
Production date: 1901
S/N: 5844
Nominal boiler pressure [bar]: 12
Grate area [m2]: 1,0
Heating area [m2]: 60
Overheating area [m2]: -
Steam expansion: single
Number of cylinder [-]: 2
Max. Power output [kW]: 265
Max. starting tractive effort [kN]: ?
Max. safe speed [km/h]: ?
Total weight [t]: 28
Length over buffers [m]: 8,02



Builder plate:


Short description:

This machine was built 1901 under the number 5844 by Henschel & Sohn in Kassel. This is a tank locomotive, weighting 28 long tons, its boiler max. pressure is 12 bar and it has 127 fire tubes. The heating surface is 60m² and firebox surface 1m². The valve gear is from type Allan.

History of the locomotive:

There are no tracks from this locomotive to find until 1933. From 1933 on it was inventoried by the company Tischauer. Afterward it was property of the company Gatty-Bidal until 1975, which sold it to 2 volunteers from the Chemin de Fer Touristique de la Vallée de la Doller (CFTVD). These volunteers were later founding members of our association and brought it in 1982 to Cernay.

The general state of the locomotive war a pitty and only in 1988 after a lot of working hours on it could be christened, getting the name from the wife of the mayor Mr. Mann from Volgelsheim. Mr. Mann did also a lot for the salvage of the railway station of Volgelsheim.

Life at CFTR:

Last known owner before salvage: Company Gatty-Bidal
Decommissioning: 1975
Acquisition date by the CFTVD: 1975
Current owner: Private
Restauration: 1988
Use: irregular
Decomissionning by the CFTR: -

Pictures (CFTR):


Decauville Vapeur Depot

The 020T Henschel at our depot in 2008.

030TB Scierie

A steam locomotive at the beginning, another at the end: railway station Volgelsheim in 2002.

020T Henschel en Gare

29 of october 2006, the Henschel at the railway station of Volgelsheim.


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